Who are we?

We are a team of building design and procurement professionals dedicated to saving our clients time and money.

PME Procurement exists to efficiently deliver building materials at better prices than our clients can achieve by themselves.

Why are we different?

We don't charge a membership fee, expect an annual subscription or demand a minimum spend.

We have access to the whole market so we're always able to find the best prices even for products with low stock levels.

And the value proposition of our kitchen and bathroom design service is built-in to our company structure so we can't be beaten on like-for-like price.

Our Construction Procurement Services

Quantities Service

Deciding which materials to use and how much of each material to buy requires personal experience or a Quantity Surveyor.

Estimating errors can result in expensive secondary purchases or with new materials in a skip.

One of the advantages of our relationship with Property Marketing Experts is preferential rates with their Quantity Surveyors.

Our experts will produce an optimised Bill of Quantities that minimises waste and eliminates avoidable expense.

Would you like a second opinion?

Materials Sourcing & Purchasing

Armed with an optimised Bill of Quantities, we save you time by dealing directly with potential suppliers on your behalf.

By visiting the whole market, our team sources the best possible purchase prices for everything you need.

We then compile a comprehensive itemised schedule and send it back to you for your approval and payment.

Once approved, we place the order on your behalf.

Do you want to save time & money?

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Most buildings need a kitchen of some kind and at least one bathroom.

Our kitchen and bathrooms designers only need a list of requirements and accurate room measurements to get started.

Your dedicated consultant will design each room focussing on usability and legal compliance, before submitting draft plans for your approval.

Once approved, we itemise all components and source the best purchase prices on your behalf.

Then we save you time by managing their delivery.

Want to save on kitchens & bathrooms?

Deliveries Management

We manage all aspects of your deliveries on your behalf so you don't need to waste time managing them yourself.

If any of the supplies are damaged or incorrect when they arrive, we also arrange their return so you don't need to worry about that either.

We save clients like you time and money on materials procurement every day. Get in touch to find out how much we will save you on your next project.

Start saving time and money